School Concert

Music making as you’ve never experienced before!
An internationally trained marimbist visits your school, talks about the instrument, the essence of music, while performing various pieces. The exquisite sound and graceful movement of the marimba never fail to excite the audience!

Yoshiko talks about the instrument and different kinds of music while performing on her 5+3/4 octave concert-marimba.

The marimba is not just a big xylophone. Its musical ability has developed dramatically over the last decades. The size of the instrument leads the performer to move extensively and this visual experience helps the students to enjoy the concert more. That is one of the reasons why marimba is a popular instrument for school concerts.

Yoshiko’s performance includes different marimba techniques, i.e. effect of different kinds of mallets, slow soft tremolo sound, fast xylophone-like passage work, 4 mallets skills, musical expression and more.

Optionally a couple of student can come up to the stage to be part of the performance playing other percussion instruments.

If your school owns some percussion instruments, Yoshiko explains them one by one. Playing percussion is not just hitting things but making music. Knowing proper use of the instruments can make percussion playing more exciting. Believe it or not, one triangle can make several different sounds by playing it differently.

If your school does not own percussion instruments, Yoshiko provides ‘rhythmic training’ with body percussion. After learning a few simple patterns, students play these together in an ensemble. Rhythm is an essential ingredient of music!

For percussion ensemble groups or the percussion section of your school orchestra, symphonic band, etc, Yoshiko can tutor them on the pieces they are working on.