Private Lessons

Tauranga / Hamilton


Yoshiko teaches all levels, from young child to adult. The marimba lessons are mostly focused on solo repertoire.

The lessons will be at her place in Tauranga, on her 5+2/3 octave marimba.

If you would like to have an instrument to practice at home, Yoshiko may be able to arrange a suitable instrument for hire or to purchase.


Yoshiko teaches Timpani and Orchestral Percussion, for both solo and orchestral purpose. (*NO drum-set)

Flexible combination of instruments, including the marimba.

The lessons will be either at her home or at a band hall in Tauranga, depending on the instrument.


Yoshiko provides lessons through video chat (eg. Skype, FaceTime) for intermediate - advanced players.

You will need to have a good internet connection and the instrument you'd like to learn at your side.

It is recommended to come for lessons in person once in a while, for better improvement.
Group Lessons


For introduction only, Yoshiko can arrange group lessons.
Please contact Yoshiko for more details.


Yoshiko teaches at her Percussion Class on Tuesday nights in Tauranga. The class is focused on preparing for large ensembles and percussion ensemble.
More information about the class here => Class Information
If you would like to have 'Private' group lessons, please contact Yoshiko for more details.